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Adorjan Illes

Welcome to my page!

My name is Adorjan and I've traveled around the World in 4 years by my bicycle.
Days of the Expedition
visited countries
Cycled kilometer (28272 miles)

I traveled for 1,473 days through 39 countries, covering 46,000 km (28.800 miles).
I ran into many life-threatening situations and challenges. I cycled over the Pamir mountain at an altitude of 4655 meters. I cycled at 56 degrees Celsius, I crossed the Nullarbor desert in Australia, I had to break my wrist in Japan (which I healed in 3 weeks by self-suggestion), I escaped from Nicaragua while a civil war.

The expedition strengthened me:
I learned to trust myself, to trust life, to stand up for myself, and I realized that the most important thing is that it is worth living TRUE, self-identified. To follow my heart. To say yes to my intuition and bravely face my life’s tasks. A good part of my self-limiting patterns and compulsion to conform fell away from me and I returned home from my trip as a liberated person. 

Look, here is the map I covered by cycling :

I marked the visited countries with blue color

This is me

on the expedition

Explore the World with a big smile on your face and the World will smile you back!

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Since I arrived home, I have been doing what I was born to do: inspiring people, infusing hope and faith in them.
I will teach you how to live a happy, balanced life, how to transform stress into inner peace, acceptance and what to do to wake up motivated and bright-eyed.

I have given hundreds of motivational speeches and trainings, the protagonists of which are always the audience. I have already visited many companies, including Erste Bank, K&H Bank, Morgan Stanley, Ingatlan.com, etc… to inspire the co-workers.

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